Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

...That would be my house! These kittens are definitely wild!

So we had them confined in a wire cage, and bedded them down for the night with a warm towel, food & water, and a mini litter box. Some time in the night I was awakened by a loud crash. I got out of bed to investigate, and the kittens were out of the cage! Apparently they had been able to bend the wire door and escape.

There were bits of furniture upholstery all over the house. In the guest bedroom the pillows were disarranged and a few things knocked over. One of the cats had thrown up on the bedspread. In the office half the items on the desk were on the floor, and some things that had been leaning against the wall were flat on the floor with them -- surely that was the crash I had heard.

We found one cat huddling in a bookcase in the dining room. She ran from us -- around the dining room and out through the kitchen into the bedroom -- zooming like a crazy cat. We closed the bedroom door to block her escape, and she ran into the bathroom. Even better! We closed the bathroom door. She zoomed into the shower, then up onto the sink top where finally we captured her.

She seemed happy enough to be held in my arms. I petted her and comforted her a little, and then we carried her back to the cage. She acted willing to go in, until she was right at the door where suddenly she bolted again! She ran into the office and disappeared; we closed the office door.

There are lots of lovely places in this office for a little kitten to hide, and we had to search pretty carefully. But we found them -- yes, them! Both kittens were huddled together under the futon. We pulled them out one at a time, calmed them down, and put them back into the cage. This time we made sure the door was secure.

This is going to be an adventure for all of us.

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