Saturday, May 9, 2009

Birthday Dinner

Today is Mrs. Haley's birthday, so I made a little dinner last night. Filet Mignon with green peppercorn sauce, oven-roasted potatoes with oregano, garlic bread, a salad of avocado and grapefruit, and a chocolate pudding cake for dessert. It was pretty good, except the sauce was too runny. Next time I will have to put a roux in it, or at least a little cornstarch.

To go with the meal I poured the best wine I have in the cellar: a 2003 Foxen Pinot Noir Sea Smoke Vineyard. It was smooth as velvet, with lots of red fruit and spice on the palate, and maybe just a touch of cinnamon. Happy Birthday! The hills may be burning, but we still have a few things to celebrate...


  1. Seasmoke...don't you mean See Smoke? ;-)

    Happy Birthday, Mrs. Haley!

  2. Chocolate pudding cake?? I'm impressed.

    Happy birthday, Mrs. Haley! :D

  3. Cookie Jill is right...correction made.